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[28.08.2015, 14:49] The ruling Reform Party is preparing to expel Allan Kiil, former member of the board of state-owned Port of Tallinn who is being suspected of large-scale bribe-taking.
[28.08.2015, 10:48] Urve Palo, Minister of Enterprise, and Kristen Michal, Minister of Economic Affairs, accused each other in public just before the government’s press conference yesterday.
[28.08.2015, 10:36] Harju county court decided this morning to take Ain Kaljurand and Allan Kiil, former executives of Port of Tallinn,
[28.08.2015, 10:31] Estonian icecream maker Balbiino is raising eyebrows as it has named its new icecream Salme Jumps, an apparent reference to saldejums, the Latvian word for icecream.
[28.08.2015, 09:44] One company involved in the criminal case of corruption in Port of Tallinn is HTG Invest, subsidiary of Tallink Group.
[27.08.2015, 14:04] The supervisory board of Port of Tallinn today appointed the company’s current chief financial officer Marko Raid and lawyer Carri Ginter new members of the management board of Port of Tallinn.
[27.08.2015, 14:03] Artur Talvik, MP for Free Party and chairman of the parliamentary special anti-corruption committee, says that Minister of Economic Affairs Kristen Michal should step down over the corruption scandal in Port of Tallinn.
[27.08.2015, 10:11] Although internal security police KAPO and prosecutor’s office has not said who were the other three persons detained yesterday in connection with alleged bribery of two Port of Tallinn executives, Eesti Päevaleht reported today that they are Tõnis Pohla, owner of Baltic Maritime Logistics Group (BMLG), and Üllar Raad, CEO of Esteve Terminal.
[26.08.2015, 14:45] Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs Kristen Michal told Ärileht that he knew about the investigation into the activities of Ain Kaljurand and Allan Kiil, both of whom were detained under bribery suspicions, for some time.
[26.08.2015, 13:27] Estonian internal security service KAPO today detained two management board members of state-owned Port of Tallinn.
[26.08.2015, 10:44] Estonian national flag carrier Estonian Air earned profit in June and July and said that its loss for the five months of 2015 was smaller than expected.
[25.08.2015, 15:01] Estonian police and border guard authority is looking at a possibility to build a high-tech fence on the border with Russia.
[25.08.2015, 11:37] Jevgeni Ossinovski, chairman of Social Democrats, and coalition partners have until the end of this week to agree on changes to be made in the coalition agreement.
[25.08.2015, 09:43] Swedbank has lowered Estonia's economic growth forecast from 2.1 percent to 1.9 percent.
[21.08.2015, 16:00] Starting from October 25, Estonian Air will lauch the Gallivare-Arvidsjaur-Stockholm route in Sweden under a four-year contract..
[21.08.2015, 15:55] According to Statistics Estonia, in July 2015, the producer price index of industrial output was down 3.1% compared to July 2014.
[21.08.2015, 12:02] Posti, the Finnish state-held postal service and logistics company, plans to relocate some accounting functions to Estonia to save costs, reported Finnish business paper Taloussanomat.
[18.08.2015, 11:41] The state expects state-owned port company Port of Tallinn to pay 35 million euros in dividends for 2015.
[18.08.2015, 11:40] Priit Pekarev, a master’s student in business financing in the Tallinn University of Technology, writes in Äripäev that it’s important to simplify administration of tax payment and supervision.
[18.08.2015, 11:39] Two government institutions - tax authority and national road administration – are closely cooperating to crack down on fraud in the market of second-hand cars, writes Äripäev.
[17.08.2015, 16:18] E.L.L. Kinnisvara, the leading Baltic real estate developer, has sold the Saules Miestas shopping centre in Šiauliai to EfTEN Real Estate Fund III.
[17.08.2015, 16:02] Businessman Olari Taal believes that it is time to extend the powers of the tax authority because Estonia’s current tax system is too weak, writes Äripäev.
[17.08.2015, 15:52] 500 entrepreneurs, representatives of international organisations and businesses will gather in Vilnius on 3–4 September to share their knowledge in the second Vilnius innovation forum ‘The Innovation Drift’.
[14.08.2015, 11:21] Estonian businessman Oleg Ossinovski who is claimed to have bribed the former CEO of Latvia Railways has hired Saulvedis Vārpiņš, one of Latvia’s top lawyers in corruption cases, reported ERR.
[13.08.2015, 15:45] Tallinn city government has decided to ban three-wheel bikes offering fee-charging passenger carriage service from the Old Town from Aug. 15.
[13.08.2015, 12:40] HKScan, Finnish owner of the Rakvere meatpacking factory and the Tallegg poultry factory, has shelved its plan to build a brand new, 10,000-square-meter poultry unit near Rakvere.
[13.08.2015, 12:39] Äripäev writes in its editorial that Estonia should worry about the future of China’s economy.
[13.08.2015, 10:28] Latvijas Finieris Group, the largest plywood maker in Latvia, will invest over 60 million euros in Estonia and build a new plywood factory in Kohila, reports Äripäev.
[12.08.2015, 15:34] The big news from this week is that Ugis Magonis, CEO of Latvian Railways, is claimed to have received 500,000 euros in bribe from Estonian businessman Oleg Ossinovski.
[12.08.2015, 15:32] Low-cost bus operator Superbus that planned to open intercity bus lines in Estonia has suffered a major setback now that the national road authority announced that there is plenty of competition and refused to allow opening of new routes.
[12.08.2015, 15:28] Eesti Päevaleht writes that in July the Estonia police arrested a group of pickpockets who have been targeting cruise tourists.
[11.08.2015, 11:32] Nerijus Numavičius, large owner of Maxima Group and one of the richest businessmen in the Baltics, is being accused of tax evasion by his business partner, writes Äripäev.
[11.08.2015, 11:32] In the first half-year, exports decreased by 1% and imports by 4% compared to the same period of the previous year.
[11.08.2015, 11:03] Ugis Magonis, powerful long-term chief executive of Latvia's state-owned railway company Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDZ), may have been bribed by Estonian businessman Oleg Ossinovski, according to Latvian authorities.
[11.08.2015, 10:48] Tallinn city government announced that it will ban three-wheel bikes offering fee-charging passenger carriage service from the Old Town from Aug. 15.
[11.08.2015, 10:44] Estonia's economy expanded 1.9% in the 2nd quarter of 2015 year on year, according to the flash estimate of Statistics Estonia.
[10.08.2015, 12:05] UP Invest, an investment company owned by Estonian businessman Margus Linnamae, has acquired LETA, Latvia’s largest news agency.
[10.08.2015, 11:18] 323,500 tourists used the services of accommodation establishments in June 2015, which is 4% fewer than in June 2014, said Statistics Estonia.
[10.08.2015, 11:16] Estonian central union of trade unions EAKL says that it is worried about the possibility that the outbreak of African Swine Fever in large Estonian pigfarms may bring about massive layoffs.
[10.08.2015, 11:14] Estonian national carrier Estonian Air says it carrired 65,643 passengers in July.
[03.08.2015, 12:33] Postimees writes that in one year’s time, Estonia will get its fourth president after Lennart Meri, Arnold Rüütel and Toomas Hendrik Ilves.
[03.08.2015, 12:27] The government is denying claims made by EKRE, an anti-immigration party in opposition, that Estonia does not have competence to make background checks on refugees who will be arriving in Estonia soon, writes Postimees.
[03.08.2015, 12:19] While earlier, Finnish professionals have not considered Estonia as a place of employment, ongoing problems in the Finnish economy and layoffs have forced some of them to reconsider, Eesti Päevaleht daily writes.
[03.08.2015, 11:27] Estonian startup Taxify that has developed a mobile taxi booking application, has expanded to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, reported Äripäev.
[03.08.2015, 11:15] Estonian state-owned port operator Port of Tallinn (Tallinna Sadam) reported that its first-half revenue amounted to EUR 53 million, a decrease of 10 percent year on year.
[31.07.2015, 10:15] Estonian-owned listed casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG), has acquired casinos in Latvia and Italy.
[31.07.2015, 09:59] Estonia's retail sales growth accelerated for the second straight month in June to reach its strongest level in more than three years, figures from Statistics Estonia showed Friday.
[30.07.2015, 14:11] In the first six months, rail freight carriage in Estonia totaled 15.1 million tons which is 17.2 percent more than in the same period last year.
[30.07.2015, 11:04] Estonian national carrier Estonian Air has signed a contract to lease two Bombardier CRJ-700 that will replace four Embraer 170 planes that the airline is currently using on a lease from Finnair, reported Postimees.
[29.07.2015, 15:56] Baltic states' largest pig farm Ekseko has been excluded from the African swine fever (ASF) quarantine zone at this stage, reported Eesti Päevaleht daily.
[29.07.2015, 15:36] Eesti Ekspress weekly writes that one of the biggest questions today in Estonian politics is whether Edgar Savisaar is going to return to big politics and if yes, then how it can affect the current coalition.
[28.07.2015, 15:19] The Estonian Tax Board claims that the obligation to declare bills exceeding 1,000 euros will bring in extra at least 70m euros in 2015.
[28.07.2015, 15:06] Forbes magazine has included Vilnius and Tallinn among Europe’s five top entrepreneurial hubs, reported Invest Lithuania.
[28.07.2015, 12:31] Estonian listed casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) that belongs to Armin Karu has fully acquired the Latvian casino operator SIA Garkalns.
[28.07.2015, 12:30] Estonian-owned retailer Tallinna Kaubamaja has decided to continue its dispute against City of Tallinn over sales tax in a district court.
[27.07.2015, 11:01] One outcome of the recent public tender to find a provider of security services in Tallinn Airport is that the airport will conduct a full internal audit on the issue, writes Äripäev.
[27.07.2015, 10:45] Commenting the latest proposal of Social Democrats to increase income tax rate to 24 percent,
[23.07.2015, 17:33] Estonian Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur says that 150 refugees that Estonia has agreed to take in will not be arriving at one once, giving the country an opportunity to adjust its capacity.
[23.07.2015, 17:33] Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite this week accused Lithuanian Railways of casualness and irresponsibility, saying that it was the reason why the company received only part of EU funding for the Rail Baltica project, reported Delfi Lithuania.
[23.07.2015, 17:32] The number of applicants seeking Estonian e-residency is growing faster than expected, Ministry of Economic Affairs said today.
[23.07.2015, 10:37] There have been three more outbreaks of African Swine Fever affecting small pig holdings in Estonia, announced Estonian Veterinary and Food Board.
[23.07.2015, 10:11] State-owned rail infrastructure company Estonian Railways has decided to offer the job of a new chief executive to Sulev Loo.
[22.07.2015, 15:15] A study commissioned by the Interior Ministery warns that most important risks regarding refugees are that officials are unable to check backgrounds and identify people who want to move into Estonia as refugees and possible increase in crime rates, writes Äripäev and Eesti Ekspress weekly.
[22.07.2015, 12:40] Äripäev wrote this week that Estonian state-owned railway infrastructure company Estonian Railways is reportedly choosing between Peeter Tohver and Sulev Loo as its new chief executive.
[22.07.2015, 12:22] 53-year-old Estonian businessman and real estate developer Urmas Sõõrumaa says that he is not keen about admitting refugees, writes Eesti Ekspress today.
[21.07.2015, 12:45] Marek Reinaas, creative director of an advertising agency, writes in Äripäev that, unlike in earlier decades, Estonia is failing to find the next big narrative
[21.07.2015, 10:58] Under an agreement reached by EU interior ministers yesterday, Estonia will accept 150 refugees in the first stage, reported ERR.
[21.07.2015, 10:57] Estonian state-owned energy group Eesti Energia says it is negotiating with a potential investor over sale of the holding of Eesti Energia in Attarat Power Company, a project enterprise that is developing an oil shale project in Jordan.
[21.07.2015, 00:00] Under an agreement reached by EU interior ministers yesterday, Estonia will accept 150 refugees in the first stage, reported ERR.
[20.07.2015, 12:51] Eesti Päevaleht writes that the big question is whether the tax authority should get extended powers for surveillance and interference, as proposed in a bill tabled by Finance Minister Sven Sester.
[20.07.2015, 10:25] According to Statistics Estonia, the construction price index in the second quarter increased by 0.7% year on year.
[20.07.2015, 10:23] In June 2015, the producer price index of industrial output was 1.7 percent lower than a year earlier.
[16.07.2015, 13:57] Because of special dividend payment, Swedbank ended the first half with a loss of 20.9 million euros in Estonia, said the bank.
[16.07.2015, 13:55] Real estate website Private Islands Online that claims to offer the largest number of private islands for sale is also selling two islands in Estonia, writes Postimees.
[15.07.2015, 15:54] Taavi Rõivas, PM and chairman of Reform Party, says that criticism made by the party’s honorary chairman Siim Kallas about Reform Party’s alleged hostility towards businessmen is unfounded.
[15.07.2015, 15:26] Former European Commission vice president Siim Kallas may become the new leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe  (ALDE/ADLE), writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[15.07.2015, 10:32] The Tallinn organisation of Social Democrats has made its proposals for changing the coalition agreement signed between Reform Party, Social Democrats and IRL.
[15.07.2015, 09:39] Tahe Outdoors, an Estonian kayak maker that belongs to Marek and Janek Pohla, has acquired two key competitors in Germany and wants to become European market leader, writes Äripäev.
[14.07.2015, 13:31] Former vice president of the European Commission Siim Kallas is questioning the attitude of some of Reform Party’s leaders to entrepreneurs.
[14.07.2015, 10:40] Estonian telecommunications company Starman has expanded operations in Lithuania by buying KAVA, provider of Internet access and pay-TV packages.
[13.07.2015, 13:41] Vladimir Jushkin, head of the centre of Baltic and Russian studies, writes in Eesti Päevaleht that since the share of Russians living in Northeast Estonia is very high, any news about layoffs is also a big security risk for Estonia.
[10.07.2015, 16:06] The board of the Reform Party today backed the proposal made by Estonian PM Taavi Rõivas to name career diplomat Marina Kaljurand as candidate to become the next Minister of Foreign Affairs.
[10.07.2015, 13:25] The list of Estonia’s financially most successful law firms shows that this year lawyers have been taking out more money in dividends, writes Äripäev.
[10.07.2015, 12:49] The number of registered unemployment decreased in June to 25,935 people at the end of the month.
[10.07.2015, 12:46] Friends of Estonia gathered for their sixth annual meeting in Tallinn yesterday, reported ERR.
[10.07.2015, 10:49] According to Statistics Estonia, 268,000 tourists used the services of accommodation establishments in May 2015, which is 2% fewer than in May 2014. The number of foreign tourists decreased and the number of domestic tourists increased.
[09.07.2015, 17:20] Nitrofert, a fertilizer maker in Northeastern Estonia, announced today that it is laying off
[09.07.2015, 12:17] While Riga Freeport reported a 2.3 percent increase in cargo handling in the first six months of 2015, cargo volumes continues to decrease in Port of Tallinn.
[09.07.2015, 11:57] 1Office UK’s country manager Ivar Veskioja discusses the transposition of the European accounting directive and the recent decision of the European court and explains, what the directive actually changes.
[09.07.2015, 11:21] Since Estonian Conservative People’s Party EKRE refuses to pay for political ads published in Delfi portal, Ekspress Grupp, owner of Delfi, has asked a debt collection agency Julianus Inkasso to claim 16,000 euros from the party, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
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