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[24.04.2015, 19:05] UPDATE: adds comments from owner of Tavid and CEO of Tavex
[24.04.2015, 10:29] Estonian ferry operator has apologized to its customers and employees over claims that its former employee Jaak Madisson who in March became Estonian MP used to harass his female co-workers on a Tallink ferry.
[24.04.2015, 10:26] Kaido Saar, CEO of Bigbank, writes in Äripäev that the European economy is struggling mainly because the single market cannot break down borders, especially digital borders between member states.
[23.04.2015, 14:29] Estonian financial group LHV Group earned a net profit of 5.1 million euros in the first quarter of 2015.
[23.04.2015, 14:27] It is not surprising that people feel that the country is run primitively, because politicians are unable to manage the processes that are shaping the nation either because of inexperience or lack of interest, says Estonian economist Heido Vitsur.
[21.04.2015, 12:31]  
[21.04.2015, 12:29] Former minister of exports Anne Sulling says that instead of increasing fuel excise duty, the ruling coalition should revise some of its promises, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[21.04.2015, 12:27] Estonian ports handled in March 3.1 million tons of goods, 27 percent less than in the same month a year earlier.
[16.04.2015, 12:53] The prices of dwellings in Estonia in Q4 were 10.1 percent higher than in the same period in 2013, which put Estonia in fourth place in terms of price growth after Ireland, Malta and Sweden, Eurostat reported.
[16.04.2015, 12:52] Estonia did best among Baltic countries in the Global Information Technology Report 2015 published by the World Economic Forum this week.
[16.04.2015, 12:22] Äripäev believes that the excise duty issue will become the first test for the strength of the new coalition.
[16.04.2015, 12:01] Estonian internal security agency KAPO makes no secret that Estonians who have contacts with businessmen from Russia and other CIS countries are under special attention, writes Äripäev.
[14.04.2015, 16:25] Estonian Air carried 45,472 passengers in March, 11.3 percent more than in the same month in 2014.
[13.04.2015, 12:43] Priit Põldoja ja Jan Andresoo, two former executives of Hansabank, have set up a new bank in Estonia with the help of several investors from Monaco, writes Äripäev.
[13.04.2015, 12:21] Scandinavian banking group DNB expects Estonia’s economy to expand 2.2 percent this year, up from 2 percent.
[10.04.2015, 11:57] Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel, a new 13-story hotel and casino complex the rafter party for which was held on Thursday, will open in spring 2016.
[09.04.2015, 10:06] President Toomas Hendrik Ilves yesterday formally appointed to office the coalition government of the Reform Party, the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) led by Reform's Chairman Taavi Roivas.
[09.04.2015, 10:03] Consumer price index was 0.6 percent lower than in March of the previous year, Statistics Estonia reported.
[08.04.2015, 11:18] Estonian transit operator Transiidikeskus plans to launch rail shipments in north-south
[08.04.2015, 11:14] Although Estonia’s new coalition will cut social tax by 1 percentage point as of 2017, employers are less than impressed, writes Äripäev.
[08.04.2015, 11:11] Tallinn Airport served 413,236 passengers in the first three moths, up 8.2 percent year on year.
[07.04.2015, 11:32] Reform Party will make public the list of the names of its ministers in the new Estonian government Wednesday morning, caretaker prime minister Taavi Roivas, said.
[07.04.2015, 11:30] Analysts expect the Estonia’s economy to grow 1.8 percent in 2015, 2.7 percent in 2016, 3.1 percent in 2017 and 3 percent in 2018.
[06.04.2015, 10:51] Following an angry response by Estonian leaders, Finnish national daily Helsingin Sanomat has decided to take down a poll to find nicknames for Estonians, reported YLE and Eesti Päevaleht.
[06.04.2015, 10:48] Alcohol producers are warning that a sharp increase of excise duty on alcohol would end the border trade between Estonia and Finland, fuel alcohol smuggling and illegal alcohol trade, reduce the number of tourists by half and bankrupt the alcohol industry.
[06.04.2015, 10:46] A survey of parties’ election campaign costs by Postimees shows that one MP seat cost IRL at least 107,143 euros. The actual figure may be even higher because IRL has not yet reported campaign costs of its members. The party itself spent 1.5 million euros on its campaign costs.
[02.04.2015, 17:12] Tomorrow, April 3, Estonian Air will launch a direct seasonal flight from Tallinn to Vienna. The service will take place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and end at Oct. 25.
[02.04.2015, 17:09] Estonian ferry operator Tallink said it carried 1.8 million passengers in the first quarter of 2015, almost 6 percent less than in the same period last year.
[02.04.2015, 12:00] Estonian Air CEO Jan Palmer says that the airline may acquire more than 10 aircraft for its new subsidiary Nordic Flyways.
[02.04.2015, 11:20] State-owned freight train operator EVR Cargo will make 29 workers redundant at its depot at Tapa, according to CEO Ahto Altjoe.
[02.04.2015, 10:51] US tech giant Google has reached an agreement to acquire Thorgate Ltd, an Estonian software developer, in a move to set up a development office in Estonia, reported ituudised.ee.
[02.04.2015, 10:27] Estonian Tax Board said that it received over 651,000 income tax forms by the deadline on March 31, reported ERR.
[01.04.2015, 16:38] The state-owned national carrier Estonian Air reported 6.4 million euros in losses in 2014, more than double the predicted 3 million euros.
[01.04.2015, 16:35] The parliaments and governments of the last 15 years have failed to solve four major issues, but now they must be resolved, Igor Rõtov, managing director of Äripäev, writes in Äripäev.
[01.04.2015, 16:25] It is now easier for foreigners to becoming an Estonian e–resident after the amendment of the Act on Identity Documents entered into force today, reported ERR.
[01.04.2015, 16:23] The fact that non-citizens can vote in Estonia is nonsense – MPMart Helme, chairman of Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), said that EKRE seeks to abolish the right of non-citizens to vote in local elections in Estonia.
[31.03.2015, 12:00] According to Statistics Estonia, in February 2015 compared to February of the previous year, the retail sales of goods of retail trade enterprises increased 8% at constant prices.
[31.03.2015, 11:00] According to Statistics Estonia, in February 2015, the production of industrial enterprises increased by 5% compared to February of the previous year.
[31.03.2015, 09:58] Estonia's hourly labour costs were up 6.6 percent in  2014, totalling 9.8 euros an hour, according to Eurostat.
[24.03.2015, 14:21] Tallinn Mayor and Centre Party leader Edgar Savisaar had a second operation yesterday at the Tartu University Hospital and because of an acute infection, doctors had to amputate one of his legs above the knee.
[24.03.2015, 14:16] Russian airline Utair has cancelled plans to open a route between Tallinn and St. Petersburg which it planned to open this summer, reported ERR.
[24.03.2015, 14:04] Artur Talvik, an MP for Free Party, writes in Postimees that coalition negotiations involving the Free Party were a real eye-opener for him.
[23.03.2015, 11:34] Russian music critic and journalist Artjom Troitski writes in Eesti Päevaleht that he has always been a fan of passenger trains, but the current situation with the Tallinn-Moscow passenger rail service makes him sad.
[23.03.2015, 11:32] The leader of the Social Democratic Party, Sven Mikser, says that now that Free Party has dropped out of consultations on forming a coalition, coalition-building needs to start from the scratch.
[23.03.2015, 11:32] The producer price index of Estonia's industrial output in February was 0.9 percent lower than in January and 2.7 percent lower than in February 2014.
[19.03.2015, 13:11] Juhan Teder, lecturer of Tallinn University of Technology, writes in Äripäev that the fact that last year about 1,000 fewer enterprises were founded in Estonia than in 2013 is a most worrying sign.
[19.03.2015, 13:11] Tax authority says that the new requirements for businesses to report all transactions in excess of 1,000 euro has been vastly successful for the state, writes Äripäev.
[19.03.2015, 13:10] Free Party yesterday proposed that the current coalition negotiations should be cancelled until solutions for key problems have been found, reported ERR.
[18.03.2015, 10:40] The government's plan to guarantee everyone in Estonia by 2020 access to a fast internet connection is not achievable by the set deadline, shows a new report by the National Audit Office.
[18.03.2015, 10:32] The chair of Estonian Railways CEO Ahti Asmann is definitely shaky over the recent scandal as it is suspected that assets worth up to ten million euros have gone missing or stolen from the state-owned enterprise, writes Äripeäv.
[16.03.2015, 15:45] Since coalition negotations are still ongoing and IRL could still be included in the ruling coalition, one cannot say that IRL lost the general elections, say experts.
[16.03.2015, 15:44] Finland's national carrier Finnair announced that it will take over from Flybe the daily service between Helsinki and Estonia's second largest town Tartu starting from the beginning of May.
[16.03.2015, 11:16] Sixty-eight medical doctors from Russia’s St. Petersburg area are visiting health spas of Pärnu on the invitation of the establishments which hope to attract more Russian customers. In recent years, the flow of Russian customers in Pärnu spas is down by almost 40 percent, reported ERR.
[16.03.2015, 11:15] The infamous Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves is helping an Estonian NGO to send humanitarian aid to Donbass, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[13.03.2015, 10:33] Nordea bank in Latvia projects that Latvia's economy will grow 2.6% in 2015, Lithuania's economy will grow 2.8% this year and while Estonia will see 2% growth.
[12.03.2015, 16:27] In the opinion of executives of Enterprise Estonia, because of its more expensive workforce, Estonia will remain less attractive for foreign investors than Latvia or Lithuania.
[12.03.2015, 16:27] Estonian Air began flights to Paris. The three-times per week service is set to continue until October 25.
[12.03.2015, 16:26] Because of technical problems in the online tax reporting system, several companies have found that Krediidiinfo credit reporting system has labelled them as tax debtors, writes Äripäev.
[12.03.2015, 16:26] According to Statistics Estonia, 167,000 tourists used the services of accommodation establishments in January 2015, which is 2% fewer than in January 2014.
[12.03.2015, 16:24] Estonia’s economy expanded 2.1% in 2014 and 3% in the 4th quarter of 2014, reported Statistics Estonia. The 2014 GDP at current prices was 19.5 billion euros.
[11.03.2015, 12:00] In the fourth quarter there were 7,200 job vacancies in Estonia, Statistics Estonia reported.
[11.03.2015, 10:11] It’s been two months that accountants have had problems in filing online income and social tax reports in the e-Tax Board system, writes Äripäev.
[11.03.2015, 10:09] The four parties that are conducting coalition negotiations yesterday laid off gloves and started to discuss taxes and economy, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[10.03.2015, 14:21] Estonia’s January imports totalled 963 million euros at current prices, down by 5% year on year, according to Statistics Estonia.This is the lowest level of imports in the recent years. The previous time that imports were below a billion euros was in December 2011.
[09.03.2015, 11:39] Commenting the recent report by CEED, businessman Indrek Neivelt writes that Estonia’s problem is that it is not receiving assistance from, but contributes to richer countries.
[06.03.2015, 10:43] Tallinn city government has it has no plan to repay the sales tax levied on excise goods although introduction of such a sales tax has been deemed illegal by the European Court of Justice.
[06.03.2015, 10:39] The Reform Party which won the recent general elections remains convinced that the objective should be to form a broad-based government with four parties, although IRL, Social Democrats and Free Party remain sceptical, reports ERR.
[05.03.2015, 10:34] Although Centre Party and EKRE have been ruled out of the coalition at this stage, Centre Party has not lost all hope and is conducting its own consultations, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[05.03.2015, 10:33] Reform Party is clearly speeding the process of coalition negotiations as it does not want the thee parties it is now talking to - Social Democrats, IRL and the Free Party – to become too confident and start making demands.
[05.03.2015, 10:32] The listed Estonian shipper Tallink Grupp carried 610,785 passengers in February, 5 percent less than in the same month last year.
[03.03.2015, 10:51] Finance Minister Maris Lauri admitted at a press conference held yesterday that tax changes have been established too quickly and promised to avoid it in the future.
[02.03.2015, 17:02] Toomas Kivimägi from Reform Party who was elected to the parliament announced today that he plans to resign as Mayor of Pärnu.
[02.03.2015, 17:01] Free Party’s unofficial PM candidate Artur Talvik who got 7,305 votes in elections said that was surprised that Reform Party would get so many votes and won the elections.
[02.03.2015, 17:00] Finance Minister Maris Lauri said today that she would like to see Marek Helm, director-general of the Tax and Customs Board, to remain in office and that Helm has accepted to stay on.
[02.03.2015, 11:07] The ruling Reform Party held off a late challenge from the left-wing Centre Party in the general election held yesterday.
[27.02.2015, 12:32] Net profit of Estonian shipper Tallink Grupp in 2014 fell 36.3 percent to 30 million euros compared to 47.1 million euros in 2013.
[27.02.2015, 12:32] Tax and Customs Board director general Marek Helm handed in his letter of resignation yesterday to Finance Minister Maris Lauri.
[27.02.2015, 11:08] Eesti Päevaleht ranked cabinet members, taking into consideration that most of them have been serving for a short time: while PM Taavi Rõivas has been in office less than a year, his Finance Minister Maris Lauri, for instance, took office four months ago.
[26.02.2015, 11:16] According to Statistics Estonia, in the 4th quarter of 2014, the average monthly gross wages were 1,039 euros and increased by 5.3% compared to the 4th quarter of 2013.
[26.02.2015, 11:08] In a radio show last week head of the Tax and Customs Board Marek Helm by accident mixed up his car’s license plate and gave a license plate which belongs to a Porsche.
[25.02.2015, 12:09] Former Reform Party member and politician Anna-Maria Galojan who started her prison sentence this week has released documents showing that she and current Justice Minister Andres Anvelt visited London together in 2008 to meet with the Russian oligarch Vladimir Gussinski, writes Äripäev.
[25.02.2015, 12:07] Aivar Hundimägi, deputy editor-in-chief of Äripäev, suggests to vote for individual politicians in the upcoming elections instead of political parties.
[25.02.2015, 12:06] Heinz Valk who was a key player in the People’s Front movement says that the New Nordic country, a narrative for Estonia proposed by PM Taavi Rõivas, is very boring.
[25.02.2015, 12:06] VKG Energia, subsidiary of the Estonian chemical group Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), announced this week that it has signed an agreement with Lithuanian natural gas trading company Litgas to purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG).
[23.02.2015, 15:37] Centre Party was five points clear of the Reform Party two weeks before the elections, shows a poll conducted by Turu-uuringute AS, at 27 percent and 22 percent, respectively.
[23.02.2015, 15:37] Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated the head of state Toomas Hendrik Ilves on the anniversary of the Estonian state.
[23.02.2015, 15:36] State energy group Eesti Energia is planning to further reduce its interest in the Jordan oil shale project.
[16.02.2015, 16:12]  
[16.02.2015, 15:35] Most business executives and leaders of Estonia’s largest business organisations say that last year was especially worrying because of the high number of laws adopted in Estonia which increased administrative and tax burden on businesses, writes Äripäev.
[16.02.2015, 15:30] Centre Party chairman Edgar Savisaar writes in a public letter that Reform Party must change its policy which has cost Estonia already 70,000 jobs.
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