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[02.07.2015, 10:15] Estonia's industrial production declined further in May after falling for the first time in more than a year in April, Statistics Estonia reported Thursday.
[01.07.2015, 17:00] Estonian Air that will next year celebrate ten years of losing money remains the largest airline in Tallinn Airport, writes Postimees.
[01.07.2015, 16:54] According to Statistics Estonia, in May 2015 compared to May of the previous year, the retail sales of goods of retail trade enterprises increased 8% at constant prices.
[30.06.2015, 10:38] The Guardian newspaper reported this week that Estonia's exposure to Greece's potential debt is 800 million euros, or 4 percent of GDP,.
[30.06.2015, 09:46] Estonian shipper Tallink Grupp has signed a loan contract with Nordea Bank worth 184 million euros to build a new LNG powered fast ferry.
[29.06.2015, 17:04] Hotel Palace, one of the oldest and most representative hotels in Tallinn, served over 17,000 local and international tourists in the past 12 months.
[29.06.2015, 16:46] Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas said that in two years, Estonia could accept approximately 150 to 200 refugees.
[29.06.2015, 13:50] Estonia’s richest municipality Viimsi just outside Tallinn is developing an area in its centre which will have at least five shopping centres, writes Postimees.
[29.06.2015, 13:49] On Friday the Harju county court declared Estonian airline Avies bankrupt, reported ERR.
[29.06.2015, 10:40] After a strong year 2014, the tourism sector is now facing its worst-ever season because the number of incoming tourists is decreasing, tourists are staying and spending less and the government has approved a raise in VAT on accommodation services, writes Äripäev.
[26.06.2015, 12:21] President Toomas Hendrik Ilves critized the way how the ruling coalition pushed through the parliament a bill raising excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and fuel, and VAT on accommodation services.
[25.06.2015, 11:08] Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves was critical in his speech held on Victory Day on how Estonians are handling the prospect of having to absorb refugees.
[25.06.2015, 10:49]
[25.06.2015, 10:04] The producer price index of industrial output in Estonia in May was 0.1 percent lower than in April and 2.1 percent lower than in May 2014.
[25.06.2015, 10:03] Ministers of five states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland - signed the Rail Baltic cooperation agreement in Riga on Monday.
[22.06.2015, 11:47] The average price level for consumer goods and services in Estonia stood at 79 percent of the European Union average in 2014, reported Eurostat.
[22.06.2015, 11:46] Eesti Päevaleht writes that Estonia is ahead of only three countries in Europe by purchasing power of minimum wages.
[19.06.2015, 16:14] About five hundred people are supporting on Facebook an initiative by Estonian bikers who wish to drive to the Vao village as a sign of support to locals who are opposing expansion of the accommodation centre of asylum seekers, reported Eesti Päevaleht.
[19.06.2015, 16:06] Estonian state-owned electricity transmission system operator Elering and Russia’s Gazprom have reached an agreement under which Elering will pay Gazprom 20 million euros for a 37-percent holding in Vorguteenus Valdus, owner of the Estonian gas transmission network.
[19.06.2015, 16:03] A poll by TNS Emor shows that Estonia’s two most popular parties in May were Centre Party and Free Party.
[19.06.2015, 12:34] Latvia’s hourly labour costs were up 7.3 percent year on year in Q1, reported Eurostat.
[19.06.2015, 12:03] In the first five months of 2015, Estonian ports loaded 11.6 million tons of cargo which is 14.5 percent less than a year earlier, according to Statistics Estonia.
[19.06.2015, 11:59] Estonia is in principle in favour of the plan proposed by the European Commission to reform corporate taxation in the EU, reported ERR.
[19.06.2015, 10:12] Estonian national carrier  Estonian Air is ready for competition with Latvia's AirBaltic which said this week that it wants to become the Baltic regional airline, instead of focusing just on Latvia, says Estonian Air board member Indrek Randveer.
[18.06.2015, 12:16] Juha Järvinen, chief commercial officer of Finnish national carrier Finnair, says that the airline has been restructuring and sees the Estonian market as a growth opportunity.
[18.06.2015, 11:42] The new report by State Audit Office shows that Estonia badly needs immigrant workforce, Äripäev writes in its editorial.
[18.06.2015, 11:32] The new report by State Audit Office shows that Estonia badly needs immigrant workforce, Äripäev writes in its editorial.
[18.06.2015, 09:27] The three Baltic states should have a joint airline and since Latvia’s Airbaltic has been more successful, Estonia and Lithuanian should acquire a stake in Airbaltic, Latvian Transport Minister Anrijs Matiss said at a meeting with journalists on Wednesday.
[17.06.2015, 17:50] Average monthly gross wages were 1,005 euros and average hourly gross wages were 6.14 euros in Estonia in 2014, according to Statistics Estonia.
[17.06.2015, 16:42] Marek Helm, head of the Estonian tax authority, is questioning claims that hundreds of Estonian businesses have been set up in Latvia because Latvia offers them better tax benefits than Estonia, reported Delfi today.
[17.06.2015, 14:10] On Tuesday the Harju County Court discussed the bankruptcy petition of Swedish companies Swedewings AB and Bromma Air Maintenance AB against the Estonian airline Avies, reported Äripäev.
[17.06.2015, 14:08] The European Court of Human Rights this week issued its judgment in the case of Delfi vs Estonia, ruling that that there has been no violation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and upholding the judgment of the Estonian Supreme Court which ruled that Delfi was liable for anonymous comments posted on its website.
[16.06.2015, 12:00] Yesterday the Estonian parliament passed the controversial bill of tax amendments
[16.06.2015, 10:24] Eesti Päevaleht writes that alarm bells should be ringing in the Estonian government because over the last year, at least five hundred Estonian entrepeneurs have set up a business in Latvia.
[16.06.2015, 10:18] Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas survived a vote of no confidence in parliament yesterday over the package of tax changes that the coalition wants to push through to secure sources of financing for its coalition program, reported ERR.
[16.06.2015, 10:16] Baltic states should create a regional digital market serving as an example to the European Union in establishing a digital single market, Siim Kallas, a former prime minister of Estonia and vice president of the European Commission, said at a conference on Monday.
[15.06.2015, 14:29] In two months since winning general elections, the popularity of the Reform Party has shrank from 27 percent to just 16 percent, shows a poll by Turu-uuringute AS.
[15.06.2015, 14:27] Centre Party’s parliamentary faction today submitted to the parliament a call for no-confidence against Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas.
[15.06.2015, 14:26] Jurmala in Latvia is today hosting a competitiveness forum of the Baltic Sea region under the title of „Achieving e-quality by connecting region“.The forum’s speakers include former European Commission’s vice president Siim Kallas, Latvian PM Laimdota Straujuma and Lithuanian PM Algirdas Butkevičius.In his speech, Siim Kallas said that Baltic countries should appoint a joint coordinator that would be responsible for developing a joint digital market in the Baltic states, and coordinate cooperation of Baltic countries and raise awareness about Baltic states. The forum is held for the sixth year and is being moderated by Dr Anna-Maija Mertens and Dr Daunis Auers
[15.06.2015, 14:02] The number of employees whose net wages increased in the last year is growing, but mainly among people earning higher wages, writes Äripäev.
[12.06.2015, 16:20] Äripäev writes in its editorial today that Estonian business is facing many challenges because investments are decreasing and Estonia is losing its appeal to foreign investors.
[12.06.2015, 16:02] According to the declaration of his personal assets and liabilities, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves owes banks over 450,000 euros, reported ERR.
[12.06.2015, 13:56] Tallinn Airport will instal five so-called sleeping pods for passengers who wish to rest before their flights, reported Postimees.
[12.06.2015, 11:02] The parliament’s committee on EU affairs will today form Estonia's position on the European Agenda on Migration. The Agenda concerns the reception of refugees, as well as other measures aimed at alleviating the situation in the Mediterranean area.
[12.06.2015, 10:33] PM and Reform Party’s chairman Taavi Rõivas and the new chairman of IRL Margus Tsahkna top the ranking of leading politicians by personal liabilities, writes Äripäev.
[11.06.2015, 10:34] The government decided yesterday at an extraordinary session to link the adoption of the draft bill on key tax amendments with the non-confidence vote.
[11.06.2015, 10:31] According to the latest data on incoming tourism, the number of Russian tourist stayovers in Estonia decreased 38% in a year in April.
[11.06.2015, 10:30] There were 27,002 people registered as unemployed at the end of May in Estonia which is 0.3 percent less than at the end of April, reported Unemployment Insurance Fund.
[10.06.2015, 17:29] Estonian central bank Eesti Pank raised its economic growth forecast on Estonia for this year to 2.2%.
[10.06.2015, 17:26] According to Statistics Estonia, in April 2015, exports of goods stayed at the same level and imports decreased by 4% compared to April of the previous year.
[10.06.2015, 12:01] Estonian business leaders are extremely critical of the way how the ruling coalition is forcing through draft tax amendments and say that there is little they can do, writes Äripäev.
[10.06.2015, 11:42] Priit Rohumaa, CEO of Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), has announced that he is leaving his job as of September 1.
[10.06.2015, 11:40] Rescue services were at high alert at the town of Sillamäe in Northeast Estonia yesterday after a fire broke out in the Silmet plant that produces rare earth metals, reported ERR.
[09.06.2015, 15:46] Estonian gross domestic product was up 1.1 percent in the first quarter of 2015, year on year.
[09.06.2015, 15:43] Kristiina Kallas, board member of Pagulasabi, a refugee aid organization, writes in Äripäev that there is no reason to think that refugees that will arrive in Estonia will become a burden and a constant expenditure.
[09.06.2015, 12:29] The European Commission yesterday ordered Estonia and Poland to provide within a month full details of their tax practices.
[09.06.2015, 12:29] Estonia has the second freest economy in Europe and eight in the world, shows the latest index on economic freedom by Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, writes Äripäev.Among 43 countries in Europe, Estonia was second only to Switzerland and ahead of Germany, UK, writes Äripäev.
[09.06.2015, 09:31] The government must soon admit that its amendment on taxing company cars has failed: in the first five months the state has collected only 6.6 million euros in VAT on company cars, while it six-month expectation was around 24 million euros.
[08.06.2015, 16:47] Today the caretaker chairmwoman of Centre Party Kadri Simson and the party’s secretary general Priit Toobal handed to the parliament speaker a petition signed by more than 27,000 people against government’s plans to increase the excise duty on fuel, reported ERR.
[08.06.2015, 13:00] A new study of the State Audit Office (SAO) shows that Estonia is facing increased unemployment and the only way to resolve is to allow immigrant workforce to the labour market, writes Eesti Päevaleht.
[08.06.2015, 11:28] There were 7,300 job vacancies in Estonia in the 1st quarter of 2015, which is 1.3% more than a year earlier,
[08.06.2015, 10:44] The disconnection of Baltic states from the Russian electrical system would cost Russian between 2 billion and 2.5 billion euros, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera last week.
[08.06.2015, 10:41] Äripäev writes in its editorial that these are changing times in Estonian politics.
[08.06.2015, 10:18] Estonians have become one of the biggest population groups in Finland who is buing real estate, writes Äripäev.
[05.06.2015, 15:05] Tallinn University of Technology has asked experts of the Estonian Forensic Science Institute to analyse the ballots that were cast in the election where Jaak Aaviksoo was elected TUT rector, reported ERR.
[05.06.2015, 12:00] According to Statistics Estonia, the consumer price index in May 2015 was 0.1% hjgher than in May 2014..
[05.06.2015, 10:59] If you have a cottage in Ireland, a villa on a man-made island in Dubai, or even an apartment in Estonia’s capital Tallinn, then you’re probably feeling pretty comfortable right now, Global Property Guide that analyses house price changes reported this week.
[04.06.2015, 16:05]  
[04.06.2015, 13:47] Latvian Parliament yesterday elected current Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis (Union of Greens and Farmers Chairman) as the countries next president, after five rounds of voting.
[04.06.2015, 13:46] Estonian political party on power IRL announced today that it has evicted 21 members for their criminal past, reported ERR.Today’s Eesti Päevaleht wrote that a large number of convicted criminals have recently become members of IRL. At least 17 people who have recently joined IRL in the Pärnu region have a criminal record, the paper wrote.Commenting the situation to the paper, the head of Pärnu regional organization of IRL said that he sees no reason not to approve their applications.In May, ahead of the upcoming party congress, about 200 new members joined IRL, about a third in the Pärnu area. Media have been speculating that this is a old trick to hire new members and tell them to vote for a certain candidate in internal elections.Media has been pointing fingers at Kaspar Kokk, former son-in-law of local businessman Rein Kilk. Kokk and Kilk are both members of supervisory board of Port of Pärnu. Both deny any such plans.However, this is not the first time that IRL is doing it. Eesti Ekspress wrote three years ago that IRL was hiring a large number of new members ahead of the congress although many of them had criminal charges.The then party general secretary Priit Sibul promised that the party will start making through background checks on new applicants, but it seems that the party has learnt nothing from the scandal.Sibul added that one possibility was to enquire in the criminal register whether the applicant has a criminal record.Three years ago, the leadership of IRL decided to evict the new members who had a criminal record in force, but only after the congress where new members were elected to the party’s management bodies.Andres Metsoja, head of the Pärnu regional organization of IRL, said that he has no doubt that the large number of new membership applications is linked to the upcomign congress.“But if a person has with his own hand written an application to join IRL, on what basis should we doubt that his or her interest is not genuine?” asked Metsoja. Eesti Päevaleht
[04.06.2015, 11:21] Lack of long-term vision has started to affect Estonia’s rankings. Most recently, Lithuania was ranked ahead of Estonia in the IMD competitiveness ranking, writes Äripäev.
[04.06.2015, 10:04] Starting from today, June 4, Russia is banning the import of all fish and fish products from Estonia and Latvia, reported Äripäev.
[04.06.2015, 10:01] Leading Estonian law firm SORAINEN will today holding a vision conference “2020 - They will be on Mars, where are you?”
[03.06.2015, 20:28] In May 2015, Tallink carried 758,509 passengers which is slightly more compared to May 2014.
[03.06.2015, 16:14] 7.33 million tons of freight was carried by rail in the first five months in Estonia which is 18% less than a year earlier.
[03.06.2015, 11:38] Heido Vitsur, economic analyst of LHV Pank, writes in Äripäev that the main cause for current public discontent is that the government is proposing economic recovery programme that will not work.
[03.06.2015, 10:10] Estonian fuel retailer Olerex will buy 37 service stations owned by Lukoil in Estonia, announced Olerex.
[02.06.2015, 11:05] Businessman, former Mayor of Tallinn, cabinet minister and MP for IRL Tõnis Palts is accusing the so-called boyband, i.e. Res Publica’s leaders Urmas Reinsalu, Ken-Marti Vaher, Juhan Parts, Sven Sester and Siim Kiisler, in problems surrounding Pro Patria and Res Publica Party (IRL).
[02.06.2015, 11:02]  
[01.06.2015, 12:44] The efforts made by the Estonian startup industry in the last five years in attracting interest of Western, especially US investors are finally bearing fruit, writes Äripäev.
[01.06.2015, 12:21] Earlier this year, Russian authorities made several checks in Estonian and Latvian fish processing plants, and reportedly found public health shortcomings.
[01.06.2015, 12:17] In the last ten years the share of skilled laborers and manual workers among Estonians working abroad has skyrocketed while that of top specialists has declined, it appears from the fresh Estonian Human Development report.
[29.05.2015, 11:50] The EU should extend economic sanctions against Russia in June, according to
[29.05.2015, 10:53] Estonian retail sales were up 6% at constant prices in April year on year, according to Statistics Estonia. In April, retail sales totalled 424.6 million euros, or 323 euros per inhabitant.
[29.05.2015, 10:48] Estonia will today unveil its new human development report whose key finding is that in the last ten years, the share of population who feel excluded from the society has not decreased.
[29.05.2015, 10:45] The total production of Estonian construction companies at home and abroad decreased 3 percent year on year in the first quarter, Statistics Estonia reports.
[28.05.2015, 13:43] The new DECTA processing centre specialized on handling international online business has been launched in Riga.
[28.05.2015, 13:31] Lithuania rose six places to 28th while Estonia was up a notch and placed 31st among 61 countries in the 2015 World Competitiveness Yearbook compuled by IMD.
[28.05.2015, 13:21] Experts estimate that Estonia’s current capacity to absorb refugees is about ten times lower than what is proposed by the European Commission, or about 100 people.
[28.05.2015, 13:20] Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas says he is opposing the proposal made by European Commission this week under which Estonia should accommodate a total of 1,064 refugees.
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