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[26.04.2016, 11:11] Aripaev writes in its editorial that Estonia should support the initiative of the Euroepan Commission on battling tax evasion.
[25.04.2016, 11:04] Four illegal immigrants who claim to be from Guinea were recently released from the detention centre because the court-sanctioned 18-month term of preparing their deportation expired.
[25.04.2016, 10:58] Aripaev writes that the proposals made by Justice Minister Urmas Reinsalu on amending the commercial code in a way that would ease requirements on e-residents may turn Estonia into another offshore country just like Panama.
[18.04.2016, 15:32] Latvian airline airBaltic has launched a new route between Tallinn and Vilnius starting from April 18.
[18.04.2016, 14:50] Siim Kallas did well in his opening speech on Saturday when he announced his intention to run for president, but failed to make it memorable.
[18.04.2016, 14:48] Raul Toomsalu told Arileht that it is time to differentiate rail infrastructure usage fee, because it’s a thing of the past.
[18.04.2016, 14:47] Aripaev writes that Finance Minister Sven Sester has drafted amendments that will change taxation of company cars.
[18.04.2016, 10:37] Aripaev writes that Inna Ossinovskaja, wife of one of Estonia’s richest businessmen Oleg Ossinovski is not happy with the divorce settlement proposed by his husband and has gone to court.
[13.04.2016, 14:20] Estonian and Swedish private capital is investing 12,5 million euros in health care, building an innovative medical and wellness centre at Veerenni Street in Tallinn.
[13.04.2016, 12:05] Port of Tallinn served over 741,000 passengers in March which is 13.3 percent more than a year earlier.
[12.04.2016, 13:33] Postimees wrote today that Estonian investment banker Kalle Norberg who some years ago managed the assets of some of Estonia’s wealthiest people, but is now bankrupt, is one of the Estonians whose name is featured in so-called Panama Papers.
[12.04.2016, 10:55] With the help of Latvian colleagues, Estonian business paper Aripaev was able to access so-called PanamaPapers, ie leaked documents from Panama.
[11.04.2016, 17:41] Aripaev writes with reference to several independent sources that Scandinavian banking giant Nordea Bank has decided to sell its Baltic branch and was looking for a buyer.
[04.04.2016, 10:34] Estonian Civil Aviation Administration has suspended the air operator's certificate (AOC) of the bankrupt carrier Avies.
[04.04.2016, 10:32] Estonian state airline Nordica has canceled all its flights between Tallinn and Brussels until April 15.
[04.04.2016, 10:31] Aripaev writes that Estonian military company Threod Systems plans to enter the lucrative world of military drones.
[01.04.2016, 17:58] Estonian state-owned airline Nordic Aviation Group yesterday officially adopted the Nordica trademark and a new visual brand identity, the focal point of which is the logo depicting a dragonfly.
[01.04.2016, 17:47] Aripaev writes in its editorial that at the time when Latvians are working hard to make their economy grow faster, Estonia’s leaders are perfectly happy with what Estonia has achieved and see no need to change anything.
[01.04.2016, 17:46] Aripaev writes that the actual costs that Estonia is spending on its e-residency poject and benefits are hard to estimated.
[22.03.2016, 09:46] The Supervisory Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS that is developing the Ülemiste City campus has decided to extend the term of office of the current Chairman of the Management Board Gert Jostov and member of the Management Board Martin Seppälä for another three years.
[21.03.2016, 11:08] Political scientist Rein Taagepera writes in Eesti Paevaleht that Estonia could encourage immigration from Vietnam, but add conditions to it.
[21.03.2016, 11:02] According to Statistics Estonia, in February 2016, industrial producer prices were 2.2 percent lower than in February 2015.
[21.03.2016, 10:40] SORAINEN has been named the "European Law Firm of the Year" at The Lawyer European Awards
[21.03.2016, 10:06] Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas will make an appearance in the popular The Daily Show during his US visit.
[08.03.2016, 10:42] Aripaev writes that Estonian construction group Merko Ehitus announced yesterday that it has acquired majority holding in Nowegian construction company Peritus Entreprenor.
[07.03.2016, 13:42] Aripaev writes that in the last year, Estonian entrepreneurs have bought out several foreign shareholders in their Estonian enterprises.
[07.03.2016, 11:08] Attorney at law Leon Glikman writes in Aripaev that Estonian entrepreneurs are thankful for anything that makes business in Estonia more attractive, especially for investors.
[01.03.2016, 12:19] Estonia’s former Finance Minister and current MP Maris Lauri (Reform Party), writes that the Estonian tax system does not need major changes.
[01.03.2016, 12:17] EfTEN Real Estate Fund II announced today that it had acquired the shopping centre Magistral in Tallinn for 24 million euros.
[29.02.2016, 15:09] Jaan Puusaag, prominent Estonian industrialist and owner of Krimelte, a major Estonian exporter of construction foam, says that the government should stop talking about Estonia having Europe’s lowest taxes and admit that it is impossible.
[29.02.2016, 15:02] The long-time chief executive of Tallinn Airport, Rein Loik, has tendered his resignationand the supervisory board of the state-owned company will gather on February 29 toconsider it.
[29.02.2016, 14:59] According to Statistics Estonia, in January 2016, the producer price index of industrial output changed was down 0.1% compared to January 2015.
[29.02.2016, 14:56] While three years ago, 15 students from Bangladesh applied for a study place in Estonia, the figure last year was 79 and 56 were granted residence permits.
[29.02.2016, 09:51] According to Statistics Estonia, 12.5% of people aged 15 to 29 did not work or study last year. Nearly a third of them were unemployed, and two thirds otherwise inactive.
[18.02.2016, 10:00] Maaleht writes that according to Oliver Kruuda, owner of Tere dairy group, Tere’s current financial problems are caused by the unwillingness of financiers to extend loan repayment date for Tere.
[18.02.2016, 10:00] ERR reports that the trade union representing pilots of regular flights ELA has gone to court seeking to overturn the decision to setup a bankruptcy estate for Estonian Air.
[16.02.2016, 16:58] Adria Airways which operates flights for Estonia's national airline Nordic Aviation plans to open direct routes from Tallinn to Ukrainian cities Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.
[16.02.2016, 16:56] Estonian state-owned airline Nordic Aviation is hiring pilots from abroad because Estonia’s own pilots find the terms and wages offered by airline insufficient.
[16.02.2016, 16:51] Janek Mäggi, owner of a public relations agency, writes in Aripaev that one way to make sure that Estonia is successful is to make Estonians happier.
[15.02.2016, 11:29] Postimees writes that tax authority’s server crashed on Sunday under the load from taxpayers checking their pre-filled tax reports for last year and submitting them so that they can apply for early refunding.
[15.02.2016, 11:27] Prime Minister Taavi Roivas said in a radio interview that it is inevitable that manufacturers whose business models are based on low-cost labour are moving jobs away from Estonia.
[12.02.2016, 13:32] In the fourth quarter of 2015, Estonian economy was bigger by 0.7 percent than in the same quarter of 2014, according to a flash estimate by Statistics Estonia.
[12.02.2016, 13:30] Aripaev writes in its editorial that Finnish maker of automotive harnesses PKC Group announced that although its revenue increased 10% in a year and profit improved by half, the company has decided to close its plant in Estonia in a year.
[12.02.2016, 13:30]
[12.02.2016, 13:28] Reaction to the news that PKC has decided to close manufacturing in Estonia, combined with the announcement that Estonia’s economy expanded 0.7 percent in the final quarter was divided.
[12.02.2016, 13:26] Finnish manufacturer of cable harnesses PKC Oy announced yesterday that it will close its Estonian assembly plant PKC Eesti next year.
[12.02.2016, 13:23] Estonian state owned airline Nordic Aviation announced this week that it will open a seasonal route to Odessa, Ukraine in collaboration with Adria Airways.
[10.02.2016, 10:22]  
[08.02.2016, 11:45] Anti-immigrationist national Conservative People's Party (EKRE) has caught up with the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and the Free Party in popularity, it appears from a poll taken for the public broadcaster ERR by Turu-uuringute AS made in January.`
[08.02.2016, 11:41] According to Statistics Estonia, in January 2016, the change of the consumer price index was 0.6% lower than in January of the previous year.
[05.02.2016, 12:07] The winter 2016 economic forecast of the European Commission says that the Estonian economy should grow 2.1 percent in 2016.
[05.02.2016, 12:04] The government press conference held yesterday was proof that the two junior partners  - IRL and SocDems – are almost at war with each other.
[04.02.2016, 11:03] State-owned Estonian airline Nordic Aviation carried 17,267 passengers in January 2016.
[04.02.2016, 11:00] There is reason to be worried about SMIT, the information technology and development centre of Interior Ministry that is one of the most powerful and secretive government agencies and controls all national security IT systems, investigative TV programme Pealtnägija (Eyewitness) reported yesterday.
[04.02.2016, 10:59] Although Estonian political parties have not yet announced their candidates for the presidential elections that will start at the end of August, the main battle is likely to take place between Siim Kallas and Edgar Savisaar.
[04.02.2016, 10:57] The number of crimes registered in Estonia fell to a record low level in 2015.
[04.02.2016, 10:55] A poll made by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation shows that more than a third of entrepreneurs consider the government’s actions in recent months detrimental for the business climate.
[03.02.2016, 09:40] Aripaev writes that head of the Estonian Tax Board Marek Helm made headlines yesterday when he said that the tax authority is considering the possibility of abolishing tax declarations in the future.
[03.02.2016, 09:16] Aripaev writes that in spite of Estonia having about 100,000 corporate tax payers, 75 companies pay more than a third of taxes.
[03.02.2016, 09:13] Aripaev writes that head of the Estonian Tax Board Marek Helm made headlines yesterday when he said that the tax authority is considering the possibility of abolishing tax declarations in the future.
[01.02.2016, 11:28] Last year 28 million tons of freight was carried on Estonian railways which is 23 percent lower than a year earlier.
[01.02.2016, 11:26] Erkki Raasuke, member of a task force that PM Taavi Roivas has put together to analyse key reasons why Estonia’s economic growth is stalling, says that no-one should expect miracle cures from the work of the task force.
[01.02.2016, 11:24] This spring, Nordic Aviation will start flying to several new destinations in cooperation with Adria Airways. Year-round direct flights from Tallinn to Berlin and Vienna will start at the end of March. Flights to Munich, which so far have only taken place in winter, will continue year-round and become more frequent. As for summer flights, Paris will be added to existing destinations Nice and Split in spring.
[29.01.2016, 13:02] Aripaev published a list of 250 entrepreneurs ranking them by dividends they received in 2014, ie for the financial year 2013.In summary, while a year earlier 250 entrepreneurs received 151 million euros in dividends, in 2014 the amount was already 190 million euros.250th person on the list earned 240,900 euros in dividends in 2014.There are also 108 new names on the list who did not feature in the previous ranking.As always, transport companies dominated among sectors with the top three dividends going to transport entrepreneurs.
[28.01.2016, 10:21] Former ex-PM and current chairman of the supervisory board of Eesti Pank, Mart Laar, writes in Aripaev that the problem with today’s ruling politicians is that they are too soft to think or do anything.
[26.01.2016, 10:09] The number of foreign tourist stayovers fell 3.4 percent year on year in Estonia for the first 11 months of 2015, reported Statistics Estonia.
[26.01.2016, 10:06] ERR reports that Tartu County Court will today hear the case where Armen Sahakyan, a PhD student in Tartu University, is accusing the university of discrimination.
[25.01.2016, 11:46] Business daily Äripäev is inviting you to participate in the leading conference on Estonian real estate market, which will give you an insight into the trends, new developments, state-run projects and practical references on timely matters concerning the property market.
[25.01.2016, 11:30] Russian IT company Acronis that in December 2014 announced plans to establish its new development center in Estonia, has now selected Singapore.
[18.01.2016, 15:31] According to the initial estimates of Statistics Estonia, the population number of Estonia as at 1 January 2016 was 1,311,800, which is 1,500 persons fewer than at the same time a year ago.
[15.01.2016, 12:50] Estonian shale oil producer Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG) announced today that it plans to make approximately 500 employees redundant.
[15.01.2016, 12:48] Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the Jordanian Attarat Power Company (APCO) that is partly owned by the Estonian energy group Eesti Energia signed this week agreements on financing the construction  of an oil shale-fired power plant and related open-cast mine in Jordan.
[15.01.2016, 09:22] Vilja Kiisler, opinion editor of Aripaev, writes that the problem with Estonians is that they value hard work more than the outcome.
[14.01.2016, 13:49] Valdo Kalm, former CEO of Eesti Telekom, has been appointed the new chairman of Estonia's state-owned Port of Tallinn.
[14.01.2016, 10:37] In the road accident in Latvia the Liepaja-Riga road where prominent Estonian construction businessman Mati Heinsar was killed on Tuesday, the co-passanger was severely injured.
[13.01.2016, 17:03] Prominent Estonian construction businessman Mati Heinsar was killed in a road accident on the Liepaja-Riga road shortly after midday on Tuesday.
[13.01.2016, 10:44] In November, Estonia's foreign trade deficit increased as exports fell and imports showed no variations, figures from Statistics Estonia show.
[13.01.2016, 10:32] President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has called on leaders of the government coalition parties to find unanimity that would help Estonia move forward.
[13.01.2016, 10:18] Former minister and current board member of Reform Party, Rein Lang, has been hired by the software developer Nortal.
[13.01.2016, 10:15] Austrian risk capital fund Speedinvest is going to invest 600,000 euros in the Estonian crowdfunding platform Investly.
[12.01.2016, 11:33] Aripaev writes that Estonian parties on power are facing a major moral dilemma after it has been reported that they have recently received donations from major property developer Hillar Teder who has been declared a suspect in the bribery case involving prominent politician Edgar Savisaar.
[12.01.2016, 11:29] Aripaev writes that for the first time in several years, the number of wage-earners decreased last year, and according to Eesti Pank and large corporations, the fall is likely to continue also in 2016 and 2017.
[11.01.2016, 10:41] Lembit Eespaev, owner of Jetoil, who is suspected of massive fraud, claims that the real objective of charges brought against him is to clarify how IRL is being funded.
[11.01.2016, 10:00] The number of Russian tourists stayovers in November fell 38 percent in November year on year, according to Statistics Estonia.
[08.01.2016, 11:36] According to Statistics Estonia, Estonian consumer prices were 0.9 percent lower in December than a year earlier.
[08.01.2016, 11:32] An OECD study shows that in the last five years, Estonian property prices in relation to net income have grown in one of the fastest rates in Europe.
[08.01.2016, 11:30] Postimees writes that the latest case showing that Estonia is far from being an e-state is the requirement of the Ministry of Social Affairs that forces family doctors to fill out excess paperwork with regard to issuing special appliances to persons with disabilities.
[08.01.2016, 11:29] Entrepreneur and freelance journalist Mariliis Pinn writes in Aripaev that Estonia that likes to promote itself as an e-state should stop using its public servants are human printers.
[08.01.2016, 09:51] Yesterday, Estonian media channels published conflicting reports whether Oleg Ossinovski, one of Estonia’s richest businessmen, has been officially declared a suspect in the case of Ugis Magonis, the former head of Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvian Railway) or not.
[07.01.2016, 10:35] Aripaev writes that according to Estonian businessman and former Hansabank CEO Indrek Neivelt, large banks operating in Estonia are very lazy and have too much fat.
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