Lithuanian transport minister: Rail Baltic project could collapse

14.01.2014, 11:07

If Estonia and Latvia do not agree on linking Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, to the the Rail Baltic route, the whole project could collapse, warned Lithuanian transport minister Rimantas Sinkevičius on Monday.

Sinkevičius said that since the three Baltic states had already signed a political declaration which stated that the route should go through Vilnius, the whole dispute is meaningless.

According to the minister, the three countries should stop political arguments and go on with the agreement.

He said that our partners refuse to accept something that has already been stated in a political declaration, the whole project is at risk.

When asked whether the dispute between Estonia and Latvia on the one side and Lithuanian on the other side could derail the whole project, Sinkevičius admitted that said such a threat existed.

The minister did not rule out that the Rail Baltic issue will be discussed at the start of February at a meeting of three Baltic prime ministers.