Estonia to become a country of migration hubs

22.08.2013, 09:29

Parties on power have adopted a wait-and-see approach to the new bold local government reform presented by the Minister of Regional Affairs that would cut the number of municipalities four times, from 226 to 60 by 2017, writes Postimees.

Also representatives of opposition parties say that although the reform seems to be a good plan, it is important to have everybody on board.

“I personally would leave even fewer municipalities than 60,” confessed Minister for Regional Affairs Siim-Valmar Kiisler, but admitted that the current plan is a compromise with local governments and county governors.

According to the local government reform in four years there would be a maximum of 60 municipalities in Estonia which would converge around 52 migration hubs.

Turu-uuringute AS has already studied the public opinion of the planned administrative reform and found out that 52% of the respondents supported the plan, 22% were against and 25% were unable to say.

At present 73% of residents commute to work outside the municipality where they live.