Organiser: Estonia's first opinion festival was a success

19.08.2013, 09:30

Kristi Liiva, organiser of Arvamusfestival 2013, Estonia’s first two-day opinion festival held in Paide, said that the event was visited by about 2,000 people and could be considered a success.

„Our objective was not to copy the famous Swedish annual festival. It inspired us, but we wanted to do it in our way,” she said, referring to socio-political festival Almedals Vecan held in Sweden for the 45th year in a row this year and other similar events in Finland and Denmark

The festival was organised by more than 150 volunteers and supported by the Paide town, Open Estonia Foundation and other NGOs.

Liiva added that the intention was to bring people together to discuss matters that usually are discussed at closed meetings in official atmosphere, only for the invited.

„The opinion festival proved that cultural exchange of opinion is possible also in Estonia,” said Liiva.

There were more than 200 speakers in the opinion festival.

Speakers included European transport commissioner Siim Kallas as well as Alar Kolk, Andrei Korobeinik, Helen Sildna, Heldur Meerits, Indrek Kasela, Indrek Neivelt, Janno Järve, Joel Volkov, Eiki Nestor, Kaja Kallas, Karl-Martin Sinijärv, Meelis Milder, Priit Mikelsaar, Tõnu Runnel, Tea Varrak, Artur Taevere, Jaak Prints, Mare Pork, Mihhail Lotman, Roy Strider, Tarmo Jüristo. Finnish education minister Krista Kiuru also attended.