Estonia’s largest TV producers earn good dividends

24.07.2013, 13:00

TV business seems to be booming in Estonia since half of TV production companies that produce shows for the nation’s TV stations paid out good dividends last year, writes Äripäev.

The biggest divided in 2012 was earned by Gordon Grupp that belongs to TV show host Teet Margna who took out almost 200,000 euros in dividends for 2011.

This year Margna’s company plans to pay out 50,000 euros in dividends for 2012.

The main project of Gordon Grupp is the lottery draws on Wednesdays that in June were 13th most watched show. The company’s revenues went up 14% in a year.

Margna says that his production company does 4 to 5 projects a year. „Our objective is not to increase revenue at all cost. We try to maintain our position and volume. In some years we are more successful than in others,“ explained Margna who has worked in television for 20 years and founded Gordon Grupp ten years ago.

Olavi Paide, owner of Saladuslik Saar, received over 103,000 euros for 2011. The company plans to pay out 120,000 euros this year.

Balti Video that belongs to Raivo Suviste paid out 95,000 euros in dividends for 2011 and plans to pay out 60,000 euros for 2012.