Lithuania: gross wages up, real earnings down in Q4

27.02.2012, 15:03

Under pressure from consumer price inflation, real earnings continued to decline in Q4 2011 in spite of yet another rise in gross wages, reports news2biz.

Real earnings shrank by 1.5% y/y in Q4, producing a third full year of decline in a row.

The contraction was twice as deep in the private sector (-1.8%) than among public-sector employees (-0.8%), but on the whole it was the second lowest fall in the 12-quarter span after -1.4% in Q1 2011.

Average gross wages increased by 2.3% for private employees (to LTL 2,079) and slightly faster, by 2.5%, for public-sector employees (to LTL 2,327). Country-wide, gross wages rose by +2.5% to LTL 2,175, the highest level since Q1 2009.