Krajbanka collapse derails Antonov's plans in Sweden

29.11.2011, 10:55

The recent collapse of the Vladimir Antonov owned banks Latvijas Krajbanka in Latvia and Snoras in Lithuania have put a stop to the Russian tycoon's plans of setting up a bank in Sweden, writes

In March this year, Lars Carlström, then referred to as Antonov's Swedish spokesman, said to Swedish press that Antonov was considering setting up a bank in Sweden, either as a subsidiary of Krajbanka or as an independent Swedish company.

Carlström had allegedly been hired by Antonov as 'head of strategy' for the Scandinavian market. Now, following the European arrest warrant for Mr Antonov, which has led to his arrest on 24 November, the Swede is trying to distance himself from Antonov. "If it is not related to Saab, I have no comment," says Carlström to Swedish and denies that he is a spokesperson for Antonov.

Vladimir Antonov has so far been believed to be the money man behind Saab Automotive chairman Victor Muller and his attempts to sell Saab to the Chinese, even though both the Swedish government and the European Investment Bank have vetoed direct involvement from Antonov in Saab. Lars-Eyvind Carlström (b. 1965) is a CEO of Stockholm-based Evox Fund Management (which is listed as having zero employees) and involved in a dozen other Swedish companies related to the real estate sector.

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