Damages of yesterday's train accident to reach LVL 1 million

03.02.2005, 13:18

The damage of train collision that took place yesterday morning in Riga central station is estimated at over LVL 1 million.

The accident damaged both trains- locomotives- rail infrastructure and overhead power cables.

Compensation must also be paid out to the victims of the accident.

Andris Zorgevics- CEO of the state-owned Latvian Railways Latvijas dzelzcels (LDz)- said that the likely cause for the accident was that the passenger train of PV had failed to stop at a red signal. "The Moscow-Riga train had a green signal to proceed to the depot-" said he.

The accident killed three and injured 24.

Zorgevics said yesterday at the scene of the accident tha t"it is impossible to blame railway infrastructure or the computerised traffic management because this accident happened we have the most advanced technical equipment in Europe".

Biruta Sakse- head of PR Department of LDZ "LDz assumes full responsibility for train collision. The injured passengers' expenses for medical treatment will be covered and other necessary assistance provided." said Sakse.

Vasilijs Histins- CEO of SPP explains that the international train carriage is not damaged very badly and that it will be possible to renovate it- but the costs will be estimated later.

Girts Timrots- press officer of PV says "the estimated value of damaged first carriage of the electrical train is LVL 23 thousands- but the total costs will be big- because rail and other damages."

PV refused to comment to how big will be the figure for damages.

Ainars Slesers- minister of transport- has stated earlier in the week that there is a "seven million lats hole" in PV budget.

Source: BBN