Sonny Aswani: Estonia to win from the current crisis

20.12.2011, 14:43

Sonny Aswani, a businessman from Singapore who has been doing business in Estonia for 18 years said in an interview to Äripäev that Estonia is likely to win from the current eurozone crisis since it forces more Scandinavian businesses to transfer their jobs to Estonia.

Aswani who has a paper plant in Estonia says that the secret has been to diversify. “There were times when we exported 90% of our output to Europe. Today we are exporting 30% to Europe this is what makes us successful.”

According to Aswani, Estonian businessmen seeking to expand should be looking towards Asia, but not China. “I would invest in Indonesia. I believe that by 2020 the Indonesian economy would be the fifth or sixth largest in the world. Another country with a huge potential is India. And the best platform to expand to these countries is Singapore,” said the businessman.